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Freelance journalist Ehren Seeland recently contacted me for a new series about the people of Vancouver. Tourism Vancouver regularly publishes articles on the events and locations for visitors and Ehren felt one thing that should be added are the people that make up our city. Sounds good to me…

As Ehren said about this new feature, “Starting Tuesday, March 9th, I will post a weekly featured Vancouverite as a short interview which will be linked to the site’s Vancouverite section. I think that this will be a great way to showcase the diverse range of people that make up our populace, but also a way to trade insider tips, promote local businesses, and share our knowledge of the city with each other (and people who plan to visit). I’m interested in what you’re doing in the city and would love to feature a little glimpse of Vancouver through your eyes.”
See the article online here.

This Week’s Featured Vancouverite:
David Ellingsen

Cortes Island, BC

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
10 years

I am a photographer. In my commercial work, I photograph people for advertising, editorial and corporate clients, attracting commissions from publications such as the New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, and People along with partnerships with DDB, MTV/Nickelodeon, BC Place Stadium, Translink and BC Hydro. I also have a fairly significant fine art practice with recent exhibitions in China and the US. www.davidellingsen.com

Favourite place in the city:
Iona Beach
on the north side of the airport. I’m a keen road cyclist and usually include this epic location on every ride I can. Wide open space that few seem to know about…and a walkable jetty that will put you in the middle of Georgia Straight. Gorgeous.

Best Way to Spend a Saturday in the city:
Well, for starters, a bike ride would have to be in there. Ride to breakfast at Little Nest on Commercial Drive, stop at the farmer’s market at Trout Lake, cruise on Main Street and hit the Seawall. The Vancouver Art Gallery has been showing some stellar stuff over the last few years so I’d put that on my list as well. Phew…

Favourite Vancouver restaurant:
Little Nest
for breakfast or lunch. I was going to say the Drive’s best kept secret, but it’s so busy now that I suppose that wouldn’t be true anymore. Their target market is young families so the kids abound, but if you’re cool with that and don’t mind a little friendly chaos, the food is downright fantastic (mostly organic and local too) and the coffee some of the best in town (a triple shot is the standard).

Top Insider Tip for Visitors:
Gene Cafe
on Main St has the best coffee in Vancouver…worth the wait.

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